Year in Review

It’s been over a year since I started this site.  Since then I’ve met a lot of people and had a lot of good things come from it.  There’s been over 85,000 views, I’ve posted several articles, and even had an article published in Training and Conditioning magazine on the annual training of the TCU pitchers.  

Special Delivery

This site has also seen a lot of big things happen for TCU athletics and the teams I work with.  The baseball program made it to their 1st ever College World Series, the football team made it to their 1st ever BCS game with the Fiesta Bowl, then won the Rose Bowl this past January.

I’ve posted over 150 times and in the last year and one thing I’ve been wanting to do was to review some of the most popular posts in the past year.  These posts have been in the top few as far as traffic goes. 

Feel like a million bucks today!

Soccer and Energy Systems 

Internal Impingement of the Shoulder – Part IV

The Pushup, Interns, and Friday

Lower Crossed Syndrome II

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