Umpires!!! and a good article!

With baseball in mind this week I’ll think we’ll stick to that theme.  The following video is great.  I think umpires can make us all feel like this on certain days.  If you’re not a fan of foul language this video probably isn’t for you.  It’ll give you a little insight as to what happens on the field during an argument.  This video is hilarious, and the best part is “Let’s go have a beer, Doc!”  Enjoy!!!


While we’re on the topic of umpires the ump that missed the call in the Armando Galarraga perfect game attempt two weeks ago was voted the best umpire in the game by a random poll of 100 Major League players.   I have heard that Jim Joyce is one of the game’s best and I think being voted as such by your peers says a lot about the guy.  There are still a few good one’s out there. 

The Week in Review

On the flip side of that poll, Joe West was voted the second worst umpire in the league which is no surprise.  He’s notorious for trying the make the game about himself.  He was the umpire who tossed Mark Buerhle a few weeks back for tossing his glove. 


I found this article in the latest issue of the NSCA Strength and Conditioning Journal.  It’s actually a pretty decent article on the screening of upper body movements.  They use two of my favorite upper body movements in the pushup and the row / horizontal pullup.  They give some good information on the scapula and upper trap dominance in many athletes and how this can wreak havoc on the shoulder.  I talked a little bit about this topic a while back in Are Your Scaps Working???  They have listed progressions for each exercise, the pushup, and horizontal pullup.  Each progression starts from a somewhat unloaded position and moves through increasing the load to increasing the speed and finishing with plyometric type work.  I thought the progressions were done pretty well.   I’m a big fan of developing movement in athletes and this whole piece speaks to the fact of implementing correct movement patterns and eliminating incorrect compensations.  To see the article full size click on the link below it. 

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