The Fast Get Faster – Speed Training

I’m posting our speed training for today.  Pitchers and position players both took part.  As we progress throughout the off-season and into the pre-season we will diverge into our specific speed development.  Everyone will have an assigned speed session based on their position and movement skills.  Total volume today was 270 yards with full recoveries in between.  This was a medium volume day for us, but it’s the highest volume day we have done in the last couple of weeks due to the rain and fall ball. 

Warmup -16 min
Athletic Position – 3 min

RI-Rest Interval
wb-Walk Balk
1. 20 yd Blind Starts x 3 RI: (60sec + wb)
Alternating Positions

2. 30 yd Blind Starts x 3 RI: (90sec + wb)
Rabbit Catch Up Drill

3. 40 yd Blind Starts x 3 RI: (120sec +wb)
Championship Round


  1. How and why do you consider 270 yards as your medium volume for speed training? What would constitute as high, medium, low volume for speed training?

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