SA DB Straight Leg Deadbug

We’re here for a week in OKC for the Big 12 Tournament so I thought I would show some of the things our athletes are doing throughout the week.  We use the deadbug for anterior core development often in our activation portion of training.

Generally, as we advance through the year, as well as through our progressions, the Straight Leg Deadbug becomes a staple for core control.  When we’re on the road without access to cable machines, we like to use a single arm dumbbell hold with either a contralateral straight leg lower or an ipsilateral straight leg lower.  This is one of our more advanced movements but it’s great for teaching stability throughout the spine and core while joints move around that stability.  Our entire core philosophy is based on that premise.

  • Emphasize control
  • Lumbar Spine stays flat on ground putting pelvis in slight posterior tilt
  • Don’t allow air under low back especially as the leg reaches the ground
  • 10-20 reps per side w/ varying tempo’s

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