2 Mile Runs!? 🤯

After hearing the story of yet another insane, sad but true training nightmare, I had to tweet it out (see above)…

I’ve coined the growing collection of these stories as my “I’m Still Shocked This Happens Files”.

There are so many things wrong with this…

  1. This is so far removed from the actual demands of the sport. Baseball is alactic. Speed & Power dominate the game
  2. An athlete’s adaptation energy is limited, meaning they adapt to what they do. Running 10 miles a week is a monster adaptation (in a very non-productive way).
  3. This causes tremendous joint and bone stress from the repetitive pounding that these athletes are nowhere near accustomed to. These type injuries, such as pars fractures, run rampant now from overuse and undertraining. Translation: Adding in 2-mile runs on a regular basis is a recipe for missing an entire year. 

I could go on and on…

I wanted to believe this type of stuff didn’t happen anymore, especially at that level. 10 years ago, maybe… but today, I find it hard to believe with all of the information out there.

In a nutshell, this tweet sums up why I created my new Speed Development Course

If you are looking for a program to use this off-season that is safe, proven to get results, and will help your athletes develop speed, quickness and explosion, then this course is for you.

It details the exact system I use in the with my athletes.

You’ll get instant access to the 4 training videos which provide the whiteboard teaching, packaged with on-field demonstrations.

You’ll also get a downloadable copy of the training manual, which provides an 8-week speed training program.

PLUS: As a bonus, you’ll get access to the Dynamic Warm-up Series that we use every day to prepare our bodies to move and perform at a high level.

Too many athletes make it today in spite of, not because of, the training they have been exposed to. Use this to help change that.

Here’s the link to get started now:
–> MovementOverMaxes.com/Sprint


P.S. Here’s a breakdown of the 4 training sessions included in the Speed Development Course:

Session #1 – A Series + Buildups

This builds the foundation by:

  • increasing work capacity
  • preparing for higher intensity runs
  • developing movement skills

Session #2 – Full Speed Accelerations + Tempo Runs

This focuses on building acceleration and:

  • improving reaction time
  • organizing optional angles of acceleration from foreign body positions
  • integrating movement skills/arm drive
  • continuing to build higher intensity runs
  • developing the aerobic system
  • PLUS: CNS Recovery!

Session #3 – Zone Training

This explains why you need to be:

  • developing late acceleration
  • building ability to change speeds
  • teaching relaxation at higher speeds

Session #4 – Flying Sprints

The fourth and final segment focuses on:

  • building maximal speed
  • maintaining top speeds longer
  • teaching relaxation at maximal speed

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