Rumble Roller

Everyone that reads the blog regularly probably knows just how important soft tissue work is by now.  I harp on it quite a bit but only because I believe in it so much. 

Feel like a million bucks today!

A few weeks ago we added a new piece to our foam roll collection.  It’s the rumble roller.  You can find more info on it here, and no I don’t have stock in the product.   I just think it’s a good product.

The first time I used the rumble roller I was a little disappointed.  I’m used to using a 4″ round PVC pipe for my soft tissue work and the rumble roller just felt too soft.  It seemed like I was taking a step back to a softer material.  But after a few weeks of work with the roller I quickly realized this wasn’t the case at all.  When I went back to the PVC I didn’t get the same out of it.  The big benefit is the bumps in the roller.  These have the ability to get deep.  After using the rumble roller a few weeks I’ve grown to really like it. 

The best area I have found to use the roller is on the upper back.  The bumps are able to get into the rhomboids, traps, etc. much more effectively than a normal foam roller.  It is by far the best foam roller for that area.  We actually use some other devices in that area that are even more effective but as foam rollers go, this has been the best. 

The biggest drawback is the price and it’s actually come down about $15 since we ordered ours.  It’s hard to spend $60 or $70 on a foam roller for some schools because they probably need 10 to 20 to be effective with their teams.  The other drawback is I would like to see them have different grades of density, just like a regular line of foam rollers.  Once this one gets to easy there is nothing to step up to.

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