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I spent this past Saturday talking with Blair Bundy, and Steven Reinlie.  Both played college baseball and are involved with the game now in the respective professions.  Blair is a PT in Houston.  Steven is a DC in Austin and spent time as a strength coach early on in his career.  Both treat athletes from little leaguers on up whether it’s rehabbing them from minor overuse injuries, return to play protocols for surgical cases, or helping develop off the field strength, and movement.  Blair, and Steven have a passion for the sport and the kids playing it and now do a podcast in their spare time to help parents, and athletes.  They have a terrific show and have 23 podcasts to date on a variety of topics dealing with performance.  It’s a wealth of practical knowledge and I recommend everybody check it out.

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We discussed a variety of topics this past week from views on the movement screen, our developmental program, the bench press, velocity based training, auto-regulation, and my thoughts on lessons.  Here are a few of the topics we touched on for quick browsing.

Zach Dechant on RBI Performance Podcast

6:00 mark – Thoughts on sport specialization and raising ceiling of athletic development

9:30 mark – The FMS and why we use it as a staple in the fall with our athletes.

11:45 mark – How the FMS screen has evolved over the 10 years we’ve been implementing it

15:00 mark – Implementing the FMS on a time crunch at smaller schools

15:40 mark – Implementing corrective exercises

20:30 mark – Weaknesses with incoming athletes and the most common injuries we’re seeing that people don’t know about

23:00 mark – The front squat in our program

24:30 mark – Testing our athletes and why we do very little

26:15 mark – The developmental program and our 5 foundation movements

30:35 mark – Outline of our Hi Low weekly mesocycle

34:45 mark – Training pitchers vs positon players

35:30 mark – Bench press and pitchers

36:45 mark – Ratios on pushes and pulls

39:40 mark – Running baseball players and why we want speed

41:50 mark – VBT training

43:15 mark – Autoregulating training sessions

46:30 mark – Plyometrics and jump training

49:25 mark – Building the motor….Lessons vs training development for younger athletes

52:30 mark – The mix of strength and skill development

53:30 mark – Equipment needs to help your team on a budget

56:00 mark – Inseason lifting

57:50 mark – The book that changed my entire training philosophy

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