Quick Hand Touches

I thought I would post one of my new favorite exercises called Quick Hand Touches.  We found this exercise about 6 months ago and have been incorporating it ever since. 


It’s a great exercise because it combines torso stability in a dynamic environment.  The hands are moving as quick as possible while the torso’s job is to stay as rigid as possible.  This is the exact task we always want the torso and especially the lumbar spine, performing. 

During the setup, make sure athletes have a wide base as far as the feet go.  We d0n’t want any movement or rotation of the hips throughout the exercise.  Athletes are trying to touch their opposite hand. 


Try placing tape on the floor, or have a visual cue for athletes to put their hands.  If not, as the athlete fatigues they will begin to bring their hands in closer and closer negating the effect to have to stabilize the hips while in a single arm stance.  Generally, I begin younger athletes at around 20 seconds, and progress up to 30 seconds.  Another progression that a coach can use, is to widen the hands out further and further.

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