Push-Up Variation for Pitchers

Push-Up w/ Marching Man

Entry level progression:
This movement can be done as an entry level progression with the hands on the edge of an elevated box, or bench and the feet on the floor.  A notch up on the difficulty is to place a bar on the pins of the rack and place feet on a bench so the body is now parallel.

From there we progress to a stability ball with the feet on the floor, then progress to feet elevated.  Finally, if able, we will progress to feet on the ball with hands on a bench or box.

  • Great combination movement for the anterior chain.
  • Incorporates stability throughout the core and scapula / shoulders
  • Anti-extension movement for the core as well as spine stability while the hip is mobilizing

We generally perform 2-3 sets of 8-12 push-up reps on this movement.  Each with two steps in between.


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