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Today brings a couple of older posts.  I posted back during Spring Training on the training of the Seattle Mariners and their new system. 

A “Weightless” Weight Room

I recently came across the video of Peak Performance Project who is the group that took over the Mariners strength and conditioning.  This isn’t the Mariners facility but the company’s private facility in California.  I have to admit that it has all the bells and whistles you can imagine.  I can’t fathom what this facility cost to create.  It may be the most scientifically designed training facility I’ve ever seen.  Whether they use it to its max would be my concern, and especially when their training lots of younger athletes.  Their training philosophy sounds pretty good and they have the ability to calculate all sorts of data.  Anyway it’s a good watch.

I got caught flipping through channels the other nite and on came The Biggest Loser.  It reminded me of one of the first things I wrote about at the time.  As I the show began I see things still hadn’t changed.  My back, and knees hurt just sitting on the couch watching. 

The Biggest Loser!!!

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