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The Fall semester has begun finally and hopefully I will have a chance to get to posting more regularly.  The past three weeks have been full with Fall camp for Football.   Not only that but I spent a large majority of the time putting the finishing touches on the Annual Plan for Baseball, as well as the Fall training plan. 

Annual Plans are hugely important in my eyes.  I think they are one of the most useful things a strength coach can have.  To truly be able to plan semester after semester of training I don’t see how one can appropriately do this without an Annual Plan developed ahead of time.  My plans have become so detailed that essentially the training is already laid out.  I just have to go and fill in the details from there.   I’ll post more on the Annual Plan later this week. 

The past week, as well as this week have been testing Baseball with our movement screening as well as performance testing.  I have a few new things I’m doing to track CNS fatigue in our guys this year so hopefully I can post a little bit of that as well in the future. 

A few months back I did a phone interview for a great individual on the East Coast.  Her name is Samantha Horwitz and she has started several websites pertaining to training, speed, and overall strength and conditioning. 

The interview is posted below.  Some of the topics I covered pertain to different forms of strength, as well as some of the basic movements I believe every athlete should perfect in the weight room.  Hopefully, I didn’t butcher it too badly or confuse too many people out there.  If it raises questions please don’t hesitate to let me know.   

Zach Dechant Interview @

Samantha has good information out there so be sure to check out her site.  The link is posted below.

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