Metroplex Strength and Cond. Clinic RECAP

I thought the 3rd Annual Metroplex S&C clinic went very well today.  The turnout was a little light but I do believe that the material presented was pretty good.  I’ve been to national conferences and felt their was less info learned at those than what could’ve been taken away from our little one day conference today.  Coach Ruf from Baylor had a great presentation on training multi-sport sprinters.  I have always done a lot of research on Charlie Francis’ methods.  I would recommend Charlie’s book Training for Speed to anyone programming speed work for athletes.   You can find it here and for only $19.99 it’s a steal.  His principles on his High / Low training system are the basis of all of my athlete’s training.  I have always believed in training the central nervous system intensely and then letting it recover.  There is also a ton of research as why High / Low sequencing is a great way to train the human body physiologically.  Atko Viru’s Adaptation of Sports Training is a resource like no other on the process of Adaptive Protein Synthesis and how it’s the most important piece in the training process.  It extensively covers cell metabolism, endocrinology, and relates it to sports performance.  It’s one of the most difficult and advanced pieces on human physiology I’ve ever read so I wouldn’t recommend for the weekend reader. 

Sorry for the rant.  Back to the clinic.  I hope coaches took away from the Coach Ruf’s presentation that when you want speed, strength training and hypertrophy have to take a backseat so to speak.  If you have a priority make it that.  You can’t train long and intensely for speed, and then come into the weight room and train long and intensely for strength.  It’s too much cumulative fatigue for the body. 

Creating athleticism means getting young kids to do multiple sports instead of specializing in just one.  Specializing is a road for disaster.  Overuse injuries are becoming the trend in children that specialize.  Just look at baseball and how many kids are having arm and elbow problems at the age of  9, 10 and 11.  Ten and fifteen years ago no-one had heard of Tommy John Surgery for a 10 year old.  Kids played baseball for three months and then moved on to football, then basketball, etc. 

If you want a great example of multi sport athleticism just look at the best past and present tight ends in the NFL.  Tony Gonzalez and Antonio Gates.  Both played college basketball, and both are considered far and away the best and most athletic tight ends in the NFL.  Well rounded athletes who specialize later down the road have a higher potential. 

Coach Geno Pierce presented on his training of junior high athletes.  Coach Pierce did a great job and I think it shows that someone out there is doing things right.  Take home points from his presentation:  He uses the Tier System by Joe Kenn.  I think the world of Coach Kenn and believe his system is terrific.  It is especially great for coaches who aren’t professional strength coaches and don’t have the time to study S&C for hours a day.   It’s a piece meal system that can be implemented immediately and organizes all aspects of training.  Check it out here.  It’s worth it’s weight in gold and I believe that coaches who utilize this system are ahead of the game. 

It’s great to see him teaching fundamental movement, and athletic positions.  All kids from junior high through senior high need to keep specializing on teaching proper movement.  I still work on it daily with our college athletes. 

I could go on all day about great take home points from this clinic.  Eeach one leads me down another road into training.  I’ll have to cut it here because of the length of this but I thought everyone did a great job today.  If anyone has questions on my presentation or would like to talk about the other presentations and my thoughts please feel free to contact me.  Thanks to Coach Burke and Kennendale H.S.

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