Medball Throw Series

Fall semester intern Colin Feikle gives a brief demo and description of 8 medball throws that we use with rotational sports at different times throughout the year.

Generally, we prefer a 6-10# medball with 5-10 reps per side per throw.

  1. Side Throw –

    Focus: Hip rotation

  2. Front Throw –

    Focus: Hip extension into the wall

  3. Rebound Throw

    Focus: Weight transfer and back leg drive

  4. SL Side Throw
  5. SL Front Throw

    Focus: Stabile front leg with t-spine disassociation

  6. Shuffle Throws

    Focus: Generating momentum into throw

  7. Hitter Throws

    Focus: Hip rotation / don’t drift

  8. Shuffle w/ MB Feed

    Focus: Momentum w/ hip/t-spine separation

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