Knowledge is Power

Here’s a couple of quick interviews from two very knowledgeable coaches in the field of performance training.  Both are well worth the time.

Adam Feit

A very interesting interview I came across earlier this week was with Adam Feit on the Just Fly Performance Podcast.  Adam delves into the methods they use at RYPT (Reach Your Potential Training) with the training of youth athletes. Speed development and jump training are underutilized methods when developing athleticism with novices and Adam talks about how they came up with progressions for jump training with their athletes as well as why they believe top end speed training can be an earlier step in the progression to development.

Buddy Morris

You can’t beat learning from one of the smartest strength coaches on the planet, Buddy Morris.  One of my old friends, Joel Jamieson, interviewed Buddy a few years back but it’s always worth reviewing.  This 20 min interview is loaded with nuggets.

Your program is a living, breathing organism. It has to adapt to every different circumstance and environment. I hate when people say, “Progressive overload.” It’s not progressive overload. Even in Supertraining, it says, “Fluctuating overload,” which is the ability to handle where your readiness is for the day.

Don’t do something just because it’s written on paper for the day. As you watch your athletes move, you watch them dynamically warm up, they’ll tell you. Their bodies will talk to you

The 20 min interview is well worth the time.  Every time I listen to it I pick up something.   Can’t go wrong in listening to Buddy’s 30+ years of physical preparation experience to learn what is and what isn’t worth using when it comes to training athletes.


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