Interview w/ Dr. Stuart McGill

Joe Heiler posted another good interview on his website with Dr. Stuart McGill.  As always with Dr. McGill it’s worth the time to take a listen. 

Interview with Dr. McGill – The Ultimate Back:  Enhancing Performance

Dr. McGill talks about the information contained on his new DVD in the interview.   The DVD  contains footage working with professional athletes including Georges St. Pierre and some of the progressions he utilizes to increase stability in the lumbar spine as well as super-stiffness. 

Other topics include why the quadratus lumborum is so important for torso stability and progressions to increase the ability to stabilize, low bar position in the squat, as well as how the back is perfectly designed to resist the shear forces associated with big forward lean back squats.  The following are past posts I’ve done on some of  topics Dr. McGill talks about. 

Single Leg Exercise
Suck In???


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