Intern Stew

Today concludes another semester of interns so here’s a quick video of our spring 2010 interns performing a challenge put together by one of our coaches.  I only got about half of the exercises and it was by far the easier half of the challenge.  Two of our kids weren’t able to participate but I’m sure they would have had they had the opportunity. 


The semester was successful in that we have placed one intern as a Graduate Assistant at the University of Texas-Arlington, and another has interviews for GA positions with several Division I programs.  A third has chosen to go the sport coach route for the time being, and the final two will catch on somewhere soon. 

Strength and conditioning isn’t an easy route to go.  There just aren’t that many jobs out there for entry-level coaches.  It makes it extremely tough working several years for little to no money.  The ones that are successful stick with it through all the incredibly difficult times early on in their career. 

We wish the interns leaving us good luck, and look forward to the summer incoming class.

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