Hip Mobility Series

I’ve had several questions lately about the Hip Mobility Series that I presented at the Metroplex Strength and Cond. Clinic this past weekend.  I have finally created a YouTube Channel HERE  so that I can link the videos to our site.  Here’s our 1st video series on Hip Mobility. 

Our hurdle duck unders are the 1st movement in our hurdle series.  We focus on trying to keep the toes straight, dropping the hips below the knees, and maintaining a tall chest for thoracic extension.  Generally we try to go 5 hurdles down and 5 coming back for 1 rep. 


Second, is the bob and weave.  We step through the hurdle and raise up to shoulder level, then shift our weight back and under the hurdle to the opposite hurdle. 


Our final hurdle drill is low and slow.  Generally, we take a step wide, then a step together and so on.  Our goal is to not let the hips and shoulders rise with each step.  We want to keep them on the same level the entire duration of the movement. 



  1. The videos are really good and I think these exercises can benefit all athletes. Could you discuss hurdles as far as going over them? We work on using proper sprinting technique (hips tall, up on toes, knee up, toe up on leg going over) when going over the hurldle. What are your feelings on this?

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