Front Squat Warmup Series

We front squat a lot at TCU.  This is a quick 6 min specific warm up that we utilize for the front squat.  We don’t always have the time to do this in its entirety but will do at least one from this series prior to any squat loaded days.

We start with the barbell ankle smash side to side for 1 minute each.  This is a great one from Kelly Starrett that we use frequently.  Next, the band squat is an assisted squat that allows adjusted loaded motion through the hips and ankles.  We work back and forth shifting weight over the toes to get into the calves as much as possible as well as opening the hips.  Starrett had an interesting piece a few weeks back in which he said if he want to be good in a certain position why aren’t we just hanging out in that position more often to make it better.

This certainly applies to the band squat.  Sitting in the front squat position for 1-2 min and working in and out of the hips /ankles is a great prep for the squat to come.  The last part of our series is our hurdle series consisting of duck unders, bob & weave, and low & slow.  This is where we can incorporate the previous soft tissue work into better ranges of movement.  It’s important to move after soft tissue work so that your body can find and develop new found ranges of motion, otherwise what was the point.

Barbell Ankle Smash
1 min each
Work side to side over an elevated barbell

Band Squat
1-2 total min
Weight shift back and forth as well as side to side
Work knees over toes for loaded ROM in ankles
Feet straight, sit tall, and push knees out to open up this hips in ER

Hurdle Series
5 reps each side
Duck Unders
Bob & Weave
Low & Slow



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