This is the problem with sports training in America.  We have people like this claiming to be experts, stealing parents’ hard earned money, and ruining the important sports training process for young athletes.  This is unbelievable.  It makes me a little sick, but then it’s really quite amusing.  Just the first 45 seconds of this trainer talking is worth it’s weight in gold. 


Lessons for today:

1. Remember not to lift too heavy in the upper body, especially around any types of joints.   I’m a little confused as how to train my upper body without using any of my joints.  I guess I don’t want to get hurt so I’ll just skip the joint training. 

2. Also do not train any of the muscles you use for flexibility while playing baseball.  You should only train the muscles not needed for flexibility which include. . . . .? 

3. A good pullup should look like a confused lateral raise

4. The best exercise to grow the triceps are sloppy dips.  Nevermind the fact that humeral hyperextension probably shouldn’t be the 1st thing on your to do list with an overhead throwing dominant athlete.  But I guess we’ll overlook that one, because all ball players need big ass triceps.  Right?



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