Beware of the BCS

There’s a couple of good reads that I wanted to point out this week.  One of them is over at and an interview with East Carolina Strength Coach Mike Golden. 

Q&A with Strength and Conditioning Coach Mike Golden

By far the best article I read this week was in Sports Illustrated titled “Does it Matter” by Austin Murphy and Dan Wetzel.  The complete story can be found in the link below.  For those that are true college football fans this story is great at breaking down the fraud that runs rampant in the bowl system and why we will never see a playoff.  It makes you sick to read how much money that is being passed around to college presidents, athletic directors to support bowl games, as well as the bowl committee’s themselves just stealing cash.  CEO’s of the Sugar Bowl, and Fiesta Bowl each pocketed in excess of $600,000 from their games way back in 2007.  They also have the ability to take out no-interest loans from the money made in these games. 

Does It Matter

The article tells of teams like Ohio State losing roughly $80,000 when it’s all said and done to play in the Rose Bowl.  That’s what they had to pay out after they got paid their conference share of $2.2 million to play in the that game. 

It’s a great article and I’m glad to see someone finally had the stones to talk about the corruption that is titled the BCS.  We all know it’s because of the money but at least this article gives us insight into how and where the money is going.

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