Beginner T-Spine Mobility

[youtube=]Today, I’m putting a few more of our rotational t-spine mobility movements.  The first is Knees Side to Side.  Most coaches have probably seen this one done.  The emphasis should be reaching out with the arms as far as possible.   Make sure the shoulders don’t come off the ground as the knees approach the floor.  When this occurs reverse the movement in the other direction.  Knees side to side is usually done in the warmup for 5 reps on each side.

The second movement today is the Upper Body Clamshells.  Again the key in this exercise is to open up and reach out as far as possible activating the thoracic rotators.   Make sure your athletes turn their head and look with their reach.  We place a half foam roller between the knees to keep them aligned as well as the pelvis aligned.  This isn’t a must but the same can be achieved with a towel.  Again, this can be placed easily into the dynamic warm-up for 5 reps each side. 

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