Bear of a Weekend

Well college football season is finally here.  We have a big game coming up this Saturday against the 22nd ranked Oregon State Beavers.  It’ll be at the house that Jerry Jones built.  I’m excited for the game not only because it’s gonna be a big one but that’ll mean I won’t have to spend all day on Friday’s at the Cowboys Stadium watching practice, or actually taking the tours for the umpteenth time.  Frogs will be on ESPN at 6:45 pm Saturday evening on ESPN. 

Well I couldn’t leave everyone all weekend without learning something, so here’s another article of mine that was recently posted on  Hope you enjoy it. 

More Is Better?

And to leave everyone with a smile on their face I figured we’d end it with decent mascot video.  I know I missed my calling in life because I’d love to be  the one inside those inflatable mascots.  Oh well, I’ll stick to strength and conditioning for the time being.  Have a great weekend.  GO FROGS!!!


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