BBA Podcast – All Things Baseball Performance

Michael Zweifel had me on his Building Better Athletes Podcast a while back alongside Dr. Stephen Osterer.  Dr. Osterer is a physical therapist / strength coach developing baseball athletes in Canada under the name  We talked all things baseball and specifically got into some of the what, and why’s when it comes to screening athletes, the bench press, speed and agility as well as a bunch of other topics.  Don’t listen to this podcast to hear me.  Listen to Dr. Osterer.  He is filled with great information.  So much so that I had to call him up less than a week later to pick his brain.  I took a lot away from him in this episode as it pertains to the daily readiness tests they incorporate at BDG.

Michael is a really intelligent coach and I was honored to be on his podcast.  He has a phenomenal approach to training movement and skill acquisition.  Don’t hesistate to find these two on social media.

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