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Was really fortunate to receive a call several months ago from a high school coach in the metroplex by the name of Jonathan Gelnar .  He runs a great baseball specific podcast called Ahead of the Curve.   If you haven’t checked it out yet make time to do so as he’s put out a wealth of information from a variety of coaches.

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Jonathan and I spent over 45 minutes talking about anything and everything pertaining to developing baseball athletes.  Some of the topics we touched on included speed development, why we don’t do cone drills, our foundation program, how to train speed and strength for time strapped coaches, and my thoughts on the lessons only culture.  Enjoy and as always let me know if anybody has questions.

Zach Dechant on Ahead of the Curve with Jonathan Gelnar

3:55 mark – Why our athletes are stronger in-season

4:45 mark – Hi / Low Off-Season program breakdown. 

8:00 mark – Baseball / Strength Coaches and the implementation of our FOUNDATION PROGRAM

8:45 mark – My dogs getting tired of me ignoring them and wanting to play!  Haha. 

10:00 mark – Pitcher vs Position lifts and the pushup

11:35 mark – Speed development

16:00 mark – The ladder and foot speed / cone drills / agility / reacting to a stimulus

22:05 mark – What makes our program unique and injury problems that are out of control

26:15 mark – Off-Season vs In-Season development / core / power / medball throws

29:25 mark – HS Coaches and In-Season training

33:30 mark – Consistency dominates

34:00 mark – Lessons vs Development / Fill your bucket!

35:20 mark – FOUNDATION PROGRAM and where we see voids in programming

38:30 mark – How you think is everything

41:25 mark – Resources for coaches implementing strength work

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